Try the ultimate beer experience at its source; 14 taps with may beers in different styles, delicious complementing dishes and a sun-drenched terrace by the River Dommel. Have you something to celebrate or would just like a nice outing with your friends, family and colleagues!


Café 100 Watt, the tasting room of the Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven is the unique location for your party, or a pleasant afternoon or evening out. Right in the heart of Eindhoven you will find our tasting room in the distinctive old Schellens factory.


  • Many specialty beers from our own brewery
  • Match home-made dishes with our beers
  • Center of the center with a large sun-drenched terrace on the Dommel
  • Garden courtyard with a small cafe
  • The perfect location for parties & celebrations
  • Comprehensive guided tours of the brewery
  • Beer tasting with snacks that match the beer
  • Every other month there is a 5-course beer dinner
  • Brewer’s favorites & Student activities
  • Meetings

Tasting room with specialty beers and a special story

For centuries Eindhoven had several beer breweries. However, they closed one by one. The last brewery closed its doors in 1953, but since March of this year, new brewing history has been written in the City of Light. Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven, located in a historic industrial building at the banks of the Dommel.


The tasting room of Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven looks cozy and tight at the same time. The oak floor, the furniture, and the wooden bar provide warmth. Yet you can clearly see from the windows and the ceiling that you are a guest in an old factory building. The taps, with its sleek, industrial design, fits in nicely. The brewery is ideally located: in the center of Eindhoven, near the famous Stratumseind. The terrace at the banks of the Dommel can accommodate 155 guests. In addition, the tasting room has a spacious courtyard: ideal for parties, parties and a lovely summer terrace.

Beer may be a drink for the people, the tasting room respects this. The interior is well cared for, the music is gently and you can have a normal conversation with each other. We offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy a beer at their ease and experience the true beer experience. Our chef processes our beers in his recipes. This way we can serve nice matching snacks and there is the possibility for a full dinner. In addition, all ingredients are purchased as fresh and honest as possible because we not only stand for quality beer, everything should be right. It’s about the total experience and that includes a good story.


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