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Would you like to organize a tour and/or tasting? Fill in your details below so that we can contact you. We will check, after the date you have chosen, whether a tour guide or a beer specialist is available. Depending on this, we can confirm your reservation.

Note: Our tours and tastings are from 10 people.

Are you with a smaller group? Keep an eye on our open tours, click here.



We will greet you and your guests with a glass of specialty beer in our Tasting Room. We then walk you through the Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven and you will go through the entire brewing process from A to Z. Then we take you to our neighbor, “De Bottle Distillery”, where liqueurs are distilled from our beers. Of course, we will let you taste 1 of the liqueurs here. We end the tour again in the Proeflokaal and you will have 2 home-brewed beers there while you enjoy matching snacks.

Price per person: € 16,00 

(From groups of 10. With fewer people, keep an eye on the Open Guided Tours given twice a month via this website or our Facebook page)


Guided tour + 3 Specialty beers  + 1 Liqeur + Snacks



Be surprised in the Tasting Room of the Eindhoven Brewery under the direction of a real beer specialist. Our specialist takes you into the world of our own brewed specialty beers. You can taste 5 different types of beers with matching snacks to make the flavors even better. A pleasant tasting session full of delights and especially conviviality.


Price per person tasting: € 22,50

Price per person tasting + guided tour:  € 27,50

(From 10 persons Are you with fewer people? We also have delicious test planks of 4 craft beers that you can order to enjoy in our tasting room or on our terrace.)


Tasting + (Guided tour brewery and bottle distillery) + 5 specialty beers + 1 liqeur + snacks

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NOTE: You can only book group tours from 10 people. Less than 10 people? Take a look at the open tours or the master class special beers. These can be booked per person.

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Guided tour € 16,00 p.p.Tasting € 22.50 p.pGuided tour + Tasting € 27,50 p.p.

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