Special beer is hip and happening now. Is that bad? No, on the contrary, we find it very cool that so many beautiful beers are brewed by so many small, independent breweries. We are proud that we are part of this movement. Sounds a cliché, but we do so with undisguised passion and pleasure. With so many styles and variations, it is not surprising that more and more people start to appreciate the versatility and possibilities of beer. Beer is no longer subsumed by wine or whisky, and that makes us very happy!


The nice thing about brewing beer today is that just about anything is possible. The breadth and depth in the beer landscape almost borders on a pleasant idiocy. It concerns brewing techniques, the use of old style ingredients, collaborations with other brewers and barrel aging; we like to apply them all. We have done that in the last two years and will continue to do so. There is always something to learn or discover in the spacious landscape of quirky breweries and their creativity. Truly an ultimate journey that, if it is up to us, may take a long time so that you too can continue to enjoy and discover!